The table below shows the list of reporters for all security issues reported to the Chrome project (i.e. those issues for which Type is Bug-Security). Note that this includes every issue reported as a security issue, regardless of whether it was determined to be invalid or working as intended.

Date updated: October 2019

Total security issues reported: 17204


  • This list is generated through the following process:
    • A list of all security issues is retrieved.
    • These issues are processed and inserted into a database.
    • A simple query is run on the database to determine the number of security issues a particular reporter has logged.
  • Some of the reporters here log issues on behalf of other people. For example, ClusterFuzz issues can be generated by fuzzers submitted by third parties.
  • One of the things that's apparent in the above data is that there's a long tail of reporters who have only logged a single issue.