This table shows the total amounts rewarded to reporters of security bugs in Chrome.

Date updated: October 2019

Total reward amount (across all reporters): $4,518,223


  • This list is generated through the following process:
    • A list of all security issues is retrieved.
    • These issues are processed and inserted into a database. As part of this processing, reward amounts are extracted from reward labels.
    • A simple query is run on the database to determine the total amount rewarded to each reporter. Only reporters whose total reward amount is greater than 0 are listed.
  • The totals listed here depend on the reward labels being correctly set. If those labels weren't set on past issues, or weren't correctly set on more recent issues, then no reward amount will be shown here.
  • The only security issues that can be publicly retrieved are those that have been made public. This means that issues that have been rewarded, but not yet made public won't be included in the totals here.
  • Because some reporters (e.g. ClusterFuzz) report issues on behalf of other people, the amount rewarded to them will have actually been rewarded to different people.